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Jay Johnson, the former star of the television sitcom “Soap” is considered one of the best ventriloquists ever.

The myth that ventriloquists are possessed with a dual personality could be true about Jay. He has the rare ability to combine entertainment with business sense. He sees his audience as the customer and his act as the product – adapting the product to meet the needs of the market. He understands the show business and the business audience.

Jay has been a guest starred on many sitcoms as a ventriloquist and an actor. He has written and produced network and cable variety shows and hosted two syndicated television series as well as a five-year series of comedy specials for a hardware company.

Jay has appeared numerous times on “The Tonight Show” . He developed and wrote two series and a movie of the week, as well as his dream project of producing a “one-man ventriloquist stage show.”

He is much more than just an inventive ventriloquist, comedian, writer and producer. Jay Johnson is also a very good salesman. The product that he sells is his imagination.