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The Work Lady
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For comedienne Jan McInnis, life is full of “funny business.” She – and the audiences who continually rate her act “hilarious” – wouldn’t have it any other way. Inspired by fifteen years of working 9 to 5, Jan has created a unique niche for what she calls “cubicle comedy:” cornering the corporate convention market with her popular appearances at conferences, training sessions, employee retreats and banquets held by such companies and organizations as Lockheed Martin, Kaiser Permanente, the Atlanta Federal Reserve, MIX Radio, Women in Film & Video, MCI, Greater Washington Society of Association Executives, and The Mushroom Institute.

A knack for humorous analysis enables Jan to write a stand-up routine geared to each specific audience, such as when she suggested to Home Depot employees that computers are the only thing that duct tape can’t fix, and confided to the Virginia Forest Products Association: “I read that there is wood in some products like cereal. Finally we know the ingredients of Grape Nuts.”

In addition to a busy schedule which has taken her from Hawaii, to North Platte, Nebraska, to the deck of an aircraft carrier, Jan’s talents will be featured this spring on “Comedy Time,” a comedy network that runs on Verizon’s VCAST, Sprint, Amp’d, and Cingular through MobiTV, and is the widest reaching entertainment channel. Jan’s segments, “Cubicle Comedy from The Work Lady,” will offer advice on such important topics as how to eat free in the office: “Unpopular co-workers use candy to lure others into visiting. So think up a lame excuse and swing by the office loser’s cube for a handful of M&M’s.”