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A native of Knoxville, Tennessee, Henry Cho is one of America’s funniest and most recognized stand-up comedians. He has been entertaining fans for almost 30 years with his down-home sensibility and wickedly funny humor. Over the years his audience has gown in size and scope. Henry Cho’s fans come from diverse backgrounds, and it is truly amazing to see people from all walks of life come to see him perform.

Some of Henry’s most notable appearances have come on television. He first stepped into the national spotlight on Bob Hope’s Young Comedian Special. He then went on to perform on the Arsenio Hall Show, and has made 6 appearances on The Tonight Show. But perhaps Henry Cho is most recognizable from NBC’s Friday Night Videos, on which he served as the host for three years.

He has also worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment. He’s toured with Reba McEntire, Amy Grant, Brooks and Dunn,

Cho is also making his mark on the movie industry with a very funny performance in the Universal Films release, McHale’s Navy, and in the Farrely Brother’s movie, “Say It Isn’t So”.

Henry Cho is of Korean American descent and was raised in Knoxville, Tennessee. Henry started working in stand up comedy in 1986. He attended the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and then moved to Los Angeles, California in 1989 to pursue his comedy career. However, Henry says he always had the intent of returning to his roots in Tennessee.

He often uses his childhood experiences as an Asian American in the South in his comedy performances. “I’m an Asian with a Southern accent,” says Henry, “To a lot of people, that right there is funny.”

You can enjoy Cho several times weekly on XM Radio’s Channel 151, Laugh USA and Sirius Radio’s Blue Collar Radio channel 103, Pandora Radio’s PG Comedy Radio channel. The comedy radio broadcasts are nationwide.

Henry Cho is a clean comedian that is perfect for any corporate or private special event and to serve as host and emcee for your special occasion!