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Healing The World One Laugh At A Time
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Having entertained over a million people live and on television, Diana Jordan came to realize that by making people laugh, she helped them deal with life’s stresses, motivated them, and taught them what she’d learned over the past 25 years about how great laughter is in nourishing yourself and changing your outlook on life.
Diana has toured the country many times over as an extremely successful stand up comedian and successful author. She is also a cancer survivor and speaks of her journey to many cancer organizations and events nationwide.

In Diana’s Keynote address, Motivational messages ring loud and true about how we can make the choice to be happy, find the funny in your life, taking responsibility for your own health, ways to bust stress and in doing just these four things can make a happier, healthier, and more productive you!
 And it’s funny too!Diana has been nominated by the American Comedy Awards as one of the Top Five Female Comedians in the country. She’s been seen on Showtime, Showtime Specials, HBO, ComedyCentral, VH1, and many more.

Diana has also used her talent as a writer in a hilarious best selling book which was featured on Oprah called, “A Wife’s Little Instruction Book, Your Survival Guide To Marriage Without Bloodshed!” which has sold over 500,000 copies.

Motivational speaking was a natural transition for Diana. She realized her gift and talent for comedy was much needed around the country. For the last two decades Diana has also headlined America’s top comedy clubs and entertained our troops overseas. For over a year she performed her widely popular one-woman-show, “Female, Fertile, and Frustrated!” which she Wrote, Produced, Directed, and Starred in at the world famous Ice House Comedy Club in Pasadena, California .

“Female, Fertile, and Frustrated!” is still the longest running one person show in the forty year history of The Ice House. No longer FERTILE, Diana makes light of getting older and using humor to cope with being a breast cancer survivor. ‘When my Reconstruction Surgeon ask me if I wanted to go up a cup size or two I told him, ‘let me put it this way, when I fly I want to be the flotation device!”

Diana Jordan studied Improv comedy many years in “Off the wall” classes with classmate Robin Williams (whom she also dated) and has been under contract to the CBS Network and Twentieth Century Fox for her own sit-com which she also wrote and a member of SAG, AFTRA, The National Speakers Association, and The Writers Guild of America. She has opened in concert around the country for major stars as well as at The Kennedy Center, Garden State Arts Center, and Radio City Music Hall. She has also been Master of Ceremonies for many gala events with such prestigious Speakers as Former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell and Yolanda King, daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Diana Jordan can also be seen in her co-starring role in “Loretta’s Surprise’ which was at the Sundance Film Festival and Director Cameron Crowe hand picked her to be in the divorced women’s group in the Oscar nominated movie ‘Jerry Macguire’ with Tom Cruise. You’ll see her sitting next to Cruise during the now famous “You complete me” and “You had me at hello” scenes! Cruise says, “Diana is funny and smart, she ‘had me at her first joke!”

A world traveler, Diana has lived in Greece, Hawaii, Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and even ‘starved’ while working as a waitress in New York to get a job on Broadway. She never gives up!