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Comedy Under The Influence of Ventriloquism
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“……That was Brad Cummings. That’s a good ol’ fashioned kind of fun…..that’s exactly all you need.” -David Letterman

The above quote followed Brad’s performance on The Late Show with David Letterman where he was selected as the final performer to close out Ventriloquist Week.

“Everyone had an invisible playmate when they were young but mine used to talk back…and everyone else was able to hear him.” The ranting of a mad child? Not at all. These are the words of Brad Cummings when asked to describe his early fascination with
ventriloquism. A fascination that would lead him to become one of today’s most successful and innovative ventriloquists.

From his early days learning his craft in comedy clubs to main stage showrooms in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Lake Tahoe, Brad brings a fresh, clean and original approach to his comedy and ventriloquism. His comical cast may include a precocious baby dinosaur, a teenage space traveler looking for intelligent life on Earth, a tough talking ‘made guy’ who insists he was ‘made’ by Geppetto and don’t be surprised if Brad uses members of the audience to showcase his ‘throwing voice’ skills.

As a result of this overwhelming success, Brad Cummings now speaks with the voice of experience…..and a good part of the
time without even moving his lips!