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Bob Hirschfeld is a self-proclaimed “Cybersatirist” who initially made his mark with a popular humor web site, “Bob`s Fridge Door,” awarded a prestigious Top 100 by PC Magazine. He followed this by establishing himself as a business satirist and was profiled in USA Today and The Wall Street Journal for his success.That`s why companies like Forbes, Microsoft, Honda, Shell, Cox Communications, the National Association of Home Builders and hundreds of others have booked Bob for 15 years to bring laughter to their conferences. No matter what field of business, Bob will work closely with clients to make his customized presentation a highlight of your event with smart, witty, appropriate humor for your business audience.Bob Hirschfeld`s satire once cause a global alarm from a Washington Post column he wrote about a fictitious email virus, Strunkenwhite, that supposedly returned a sender`s message until all mistakes in grammar were corrected. Companies didn`t realize it was satire and feared this would shut down their email communications. Bob Hirschfeld`s humor has appeared in Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and USA Today. For several years, he was a contributing writer to Jay Leno for “The Tonight Show.” Jay calls Bob “one of the top satirists in the country.”