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That old brick wall that serves as the backdrop for so many comedians symbolizes the man-against-the-world scenario that all
comics enter when they walk up on stage and take the microphone in their hand. According to some comedians, that aggravating,
humiliating position that comics assume night after night is instrumental in leading a stand up comedian from bombing in
local clubs to blowing crowds away in national venues. The drama, the passion and of course a few hilarious comedy jokes along
the way are the heart of what makes a great comedian top a list of famous stand up comedians.

Comedy monologues as portrayed by professional stand up comedians got their cultural start in the early Vaudeville days of the
19th century. Vaudeville shows in the United States were like a variety act show for entertainers of all kinds, including those
who were particular skilled in the art of the yuck. Small fry comedians were bombarded with unwanted produce. However, with
comedy central to their art, many of those aspiring entertainers from the Vaudeville tradition gained lasting fame at the
beginning of the previous century, including Jack Benny, Bob Hope and Frank Fay.